January 23, 2023

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers and Buyers?

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers and Buyers?

Wish lists are an invaluable tool for shoppers looking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones on Amazon. What's more, wish lists can also benefit sellers when used correctly.

Wishlists can give sellers powerful insights into what their customers want and need and help them drive up sales. That's why it's essential to understand how Amazon's wish list works for buyers and sellers alike.

In this guide, we'll be breaking down exactly how the wish list works - from creating your own wish lists to using them as an effective marketing tool. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon wish list feature and how to use it to your advantage. Read on to get started!

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What is the Amazon Wish List?

What is the Amazon Wish List?

The Amazon wish list was first introduced in 1999 as a gift registry. However, today it is so much more than that. With this feature, shoppers can create wish lists to use as gift registries or save items for later purchases -making the Amazon shopping experience easier and more convenient.

Not only can shoppers benefit from the Amazon wish list feature, but sellers can also use this tool to grow their ecommerce Amazon stores.

By the end of this guide, you will know how to make an Amazon wish list and leverage it for marketing purposes. We'll also show you how to create a new wish list or link your existing one with your store so buyers can add your products to their wish list.

How Does an Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers?

Technically, Amazon's wish list is not a selling tool. But it can be used as one. Here’s how Amazon sellers can leverage the Amazon wish list to boost product visibility and sales.

#1. Price Drop Alerts

Customers instantly receive notifications when items on their wish list or related items go on sale. Some buyers specifically add items to their list in order to be notified when there’s a discount, which presents an opportunity for the seller to get their deals directly to the consumer’s inbox.

#2. Product Research

Sellers can analyze the “Most Wished For” section on Amazon to understand better which products consumers want. Items that many consumers wish for show great sales potential. As a seller, you can use this information to optimize your current product listings and add new products to your Amazon store - see what’s being wished for and add competitive listings for those products. If this sounds like a lot of work, don't worry!

With the Semrush Product Research app, you can quickly and easily analyze the Amazon wish list to understand which products are in demand. You don’t even have to look at individual products manually! Just let the app do that for you.

Finding high-demand products to sell on Amazon can be a challenge. Sellers can use the Most Wished For section to find product ideas to resell on Amazon.

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#3. Influencer Marketing

Many influencers and online content creators use the Amazon wish list as part of their social media marketing strategy.

For example, Veronica and the Baby Boo is a TikTok channel with over 300k followers (highly recommended to all cat lovers). They have an Amazon wish list posted on their website, despite having an Amazon storefront and selling their own merch. That’s because people want to send gifts and support their favorite creators. Just look at the comments section.

How Does an Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers? Influencer Marketing

Amazon sellers can utilize this by building relationships with influencers that successfully use Amazon wish lists. Not all influencers qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program, which allows them to earn a 10% commission for each sale. You can offer a commission to incentivize them to add your products to their wish lists.

Find influencers that have an engaged audience that overlaps with yours. For instance, you can collaborate with Veronica and Baby Boo if you sell pet products. It’s equally crucial that those influencers share similar values with your brand.

You can either look for influencers in your niche manually by scouring social media (which can take some time) or use an influencer discovery tool such as BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics - filter through 27+ million YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch influencers and content creators.

#4. Gift Suggestions

Customers use the Amazon wish list to find the perfect gift for their friends or family. As a seller, you can motivate them to add your items to their wish list.

People buy gifts for holidays, birthdays, or life events. Make it easy for them to find the right gift. Here’s how you can achieve that. You can offer holiday gift bundles and discounts around the holidays. Also, optimize your listings for event-themed gifts such as “baby shower gifts” - you’ll have a higher chance of being discovered and ending up on people’s gift registries.

How Does an Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers? Gift Suggestions

#5. Customer Analysis

There are two ways sellers can use Amazon wish lists as a customer analysis tool:

  1. Monitor the Amazon “Most Wished For” lists (the lists get updated daily)
  2. Monitor public wish lists

You can see when new types of products or features in your niche start to rise in popularity. Sellers can keep track of these changes and use wish lists to gain insights into customer purchasing trends and behaviors.

#6. Promotions and Deals

Price is one of the main factors influencing the customer's buying decision. Besides price drop alert notifications, sellers can also send out promotional offers, such as coupons to customers who have added items to their wish lists - it might be just the incentive they need to convert.

#7. Increase Visibility

Amazon is a competitive marketplace. To succeed, it’s essential to increase the visibility of your products. This means showing up in the top search results when customers search for a product.

There are a group of factors that work together to determine product visibility, including your Amazon SEO and pricing strategy. And yes, you can use wish lists to increase product visibility.

Analyze the Most Wished For product listings and features. Pay attention to factors such as the keyword they’re using, types of images and videos, and shipping options they provide. See what they’re doing well and use the insights to optimize your listings.

Higher visibility tends to lead to higher sales. The opposite is also true. Boost sales through price drop alerts and promotional offers that you send directly to customers that have added your items to their wish lists. Then watch your products go up in rank.

How Does an Amazon Wish List Work for Buyers?

So we know how Amazon sellers can use wish lists to increase exposure and sales. But how do buyers actually use them? What do they gain? Understanding buyers’ motivations is critical to creating effective wish list campaigns, so let's dive in.

Create and Manage Your Wish List

Creating an Amazon wish list is a straightforward process and only takes a few clicks before you're ready to add items. If you need help, however, here is a quick guide on how to make an Amazon wish list!

  1. Under Accounts & Lists go to Your Lists
  2. Select Create a list and name it
Create and Manage Your Wish List on Amazon
  1. Click on the three dots menu on the right and select Manage list
  2. Update your list and shipping information and select Save changes

Repeat these steps for every list you wish to create and manage.

Note: Your shipping information is only visible to you, not to others that want to send you a gift.

Share Your Wish List with Others

By default, every list you create will be set to private. You can choose to set your list to public or share it with specific people.

How to share Amazon wish list with others:

  1. Go to Your Lists
  2. Pick the list you want to share and click on + Invite
  3. Choose whether you want to share the list as:
  4. View only: Anyone with a link can view your list
  5. View and edit: The people you share your list with can make changes to it, including adding or removing items. They can also start a private conversation with you regarding the list and will be notified when others join or exit the list.
  6. Choose between Copy link or Invite by email

Even if you’re sharing your list as a gift registry, you can still maintain a level of surprise. The surprise spoiler setting is activated by default. You won’t know what gifts others have purchased for you - unless you try to purchase that item as well. In that case, Amazon will show you a warning.

Send Gifts

Gone are the days when you had to visit dozens of stores to find gifts, then purchase wrapping paper, get the gift ready, and then head to the post to send it. Nowadays you can do that all that within minutes from the comfort of your home, while being certain that your friends or family will love your gifts.

You can pick any item from their wish list without them knowing which one. During checkout, Amazon gives you the option to pay extra to wrap the item in a gift bag or add a note to make it more personal (the latter is for free).

As you can see from the email example below, you will be notified when the gift has been delivered.


How to find someone’s Amazon wish list?

  1. Under Your Lists, go to Your Friends
  2. Click on Send a message
  3. You have the option to Copy message or directly Email this message

Save Money

Add the products to your list alerts and get notified when prices drop. You can also track the fluctuation of your preferred items by saving them to your Amazon watch list. This will allow you to easily compare all different product versions to find the best deal.

Receive Updates

Amazon will notify you every time there are changes in the product price or availability. So besides saving money, these updates help you snatch those highly demanded products that go quickly out of stock.

Find Great Deals

Amazon sellers can send promotional offers and deals directly to buyers that have added items they sell to their wish lists. As a buyer, you don’t have to do anything besides adding your favorite products to your lists.

Add Items to Your Wish List Easily

You can add any Amazon items to your wish list on the product details page. Just click on the “Add to List” option, and choose which list to add the product from the drop-down menu.

Add Items to Your Wish List Easily

Buyers can also add to their wish lists items from other sites. For that, you need to install the Amazon Assistant Google Chrome extension.


Wish lists are an amazing tool that can benefit Amazon buyers and sellers alike. The primary function of this feature is to help shoppers find and receive great gifts. Beyond that, buyers can use wish lists to save money and find great deals.

On the other hand, using a wish list can be an excellent way for sellers to gain insights into customer purchasing trends and behaviors, as well as increase the visibility of their products, and ultimately increase product sales.

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